“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door.” — The Lord of the Rings

Welcome. The adventure begins here.


This adventure, anyway. See, adventures are sort of like rivers and mountains and planets and stars. They all begin as part of some other journey. One process leads to the next. And so on. C’est la vie.


This blog is a process. Or it will be, I hope. One that leads to other processes.


So, what to expect?


Nothing. I will unquestionably fail to live up to one expectation or another.


That’s a load off, inn’it?


Okay, here’s what I think will be going on here. Maybe. Probably.


I’ve got a few categories of things I’d like to try to squeeze into this space, and most of them serve as some sort of impetus or method of accountability to myself to Get Things Done that I’ve been meaning to do for Quite Some Time. Others are just an excuse to ramble on about Stuff In My Head that likes to nag at me until I give it a voice outside of my skull in some fashion. Apologies in advance for inflicting this stuff on the wider world. (Not really. Okay, fine. Mea culpa. Caveat Emptor. Et cetera.)


“Sometimes when you fall, you fly.”
Category the First is my Lists. Fascinating, right? Wait, wait, don’t leave. I have a (very) small library’s worth of media that I’ve not yet consumed, that I keep telling myself that I’ll Get Around To Someday. I know I’m not the only one who does. I own dozens of books, movies, and games that are sitting around unloved. Poor things. I’ll give them some attention, then I’ll tell you about it, and then you can tell me what you think, too! Or not!


Category the Second is Observations. Here there be Navel Gazing, Armchair Philosophizing, and general Idle Thinkery. (That’s a word, now. I just added it to my word processor’s dictionary. It’s official.) I often find myself musing about, pondering, and contemplating Seemingly Insignificant Things and then I wonder if I’m the only one who thinks about these sorts of things. Am I? (Spoilers: Probably not.) Stay tuned!


“You also tilt when you should withdraw.”
Category the Third is Geekery. All sorts. I’ve got a curiosity for a Wide Variety of Things that I’ve never given myself time to indulge and I want to change that. This is to include (but not be limited to) cooking, craft work, mythology, history, technology, philosophy, photography, and psychology. Also not necessarily in alphabetical order.


“…what have the Romans ever done for us?”
Category the Fourth is Dialectic. There are a lot of subjects that I am Very Interested In but really don’t know much about. The previous category covers some of those (specifically, ones I want to really engage in). This will cover The Rest. I wish to Dispel My Ignorance about these things, start conversations about them, and hope you’ll help me do both. Herein lie such subjects as politics, science, religion, Interesting Things I’ve Read On The Internet, and Stuff I Heard In Podcasts.


“Roll the bones.”
Category the Fifth and Final (for now) is Hobbies. In fairness, some category three items are welcome to come hang out here when they’re ready but this is more for things that I have a better Passing Familiarity With. Currently, that qualification means this will mostly be limited to tabletop gaming and a few fandoms as we begin. Let’s help it grow up into a big, healthy Category, shall we?


Essentially, I’m treating this like an extension of college, only without the annoying people talking in the back of the classroom, long sprints across campus, or tuition hikes. Also, I’m the both teacher and the student. Guaranteed A!


I’ll be available after class to answer any questions. Dismissed!

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