“The unexamined life is not worth living.” — Plato

This blog has a single over-arching premise, inspired by a story about that most famous of philosophers, Socrates.

This story, let me tell you it.

Socrates was quite well known in his time. He accrued quite a bit of fame (and infamy!) just by going about Athens and engaging its people in discussions about politics, religion, and generally questioning the status quo.

At one point, Socrates discovered that the Oracle of Apollo at the temple of Delphi had proclaimed him to be the wisest of all men. Socrates’ reaction to learning this was to set out to prove this assertion wrong! He asked everyone he came across if they knew what was “truly worthwhile in life”, for surely the person who knew would be most wise.

Many people were more than eager to pontificate about any number of topics. But few had any real answers for him. Reflecting on this, Socrates came to a conclusion: He must be the wisest, for only he would willingly admit his own ignorance.

So this is me, following in the bare-footed steps of Socrates and admitting my ignorance.